H5P activities list

ID Title Activity type View
1Connective Tissue: BloodImage Hotspots
2Steps in the Scientific Method - Order the picturesImage Sequencing
3The Scientific Method- Drag the WordsDrag Text
4Definitions of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK)Image Slider
57 Characteristics of Living ThingsDrag Text
6Response to StimuliImage Slider
7Unifying Principles of Biology - FlashcardsDialog Cards
8Order the levels of classificationImage Sequencing
9Science Terms FlashcardsFlashcards
10Label the atomDrag and Drop
123.4 Review QuestionImage Sequencing
13Types of Complex CarbohydratesDrag Text
14First Nations Communities in British ColumbiaImage Hotspots
15Size of ProteinsImage Sequencing
173.7 True/FalseQuestion Set
18DNA Complementary Base Pairing Drag and DropDrag and Drop
19Physical or Chemical Change?Flashcards
20Scanning Electron Microscope Images of Human CellsCollage
21Types of CellsCollage
22Cell VariationQuestion Set
23Prokaryote vs. Eukaryote T/FQuestion Set
24Potassium-rich foodsCollage
25Breakdown of glucose during cellular respirationImage Sequencing
26Cellular RespirationQuestion Set
27FermentationQuestion Set
28Cell Cycle and Cell DivisionQuestion Set
29Mitosis - Image SequencingImage Sequencing
30Mitosis and Cytokinesis True/FalseQuestion Set
31Eukaryote and Prokaryote Drag and DropDrag and Drop
32Cell biology True or FalseQuestion Set
33Cell Biology Multiple ChoiceQuestion Set
34Development of Cell TheoryImage Sequencing
35Linkage Map for Human X ChromosomeImage Hotspots
36Place the terms related to DNA in order of structure size from largest to smallestImage Sequencing
375.2 Review QuestionsQuestion Set
38Timeline of Pivotal Events in DNA ResearchTimeline
39DNA ReplicationFill in the Blanks
40DNA ReplicationDrag and Drop
41Comparison of DNA and RNADrag and Drop
42Characteristics of RNAFill in the Blanks
43Characteristics of RNADrag Text
44RNA Question SetQuestion Set
45CodonsQuestion Set
46Nature of ScienceQuestion Set
47Scientific Method and "Doing" ScienceQuestion Set
48Basic Principles of BiologyQuestion Set
49Diversity of LifeQuestion Set
50The Human AnimalQuestion Set
51Intro to Human BiologyQuestion Set
52LipidsQuestion Set
53Acids and BasesQuestion Set
54Biological MoleculesDrag Text
55Monomers and PolymersDrag Text
56Molecules of LifeQuestion Set
57CellsQuestion Set
58Contributors to Cell TheoryDrag Text
59Plasma MembraneQuestion Set
60Cell OrganellesQuestion Set
61Passive TransportQuestion Set
62Active TransportQuestion Set
63Energy Needs of Living ThingsQuestion Set
64CC BY NC ND Brodie Guy 2018 https://www.flickr.com/photos/brodieguy/40166244435/in/photostream/ Nass Harbour, BC CanadaCollage
65DNAQuestion Set
66Protein SynthesisQuestion Set
67MutationsQuestion Set
68Regulation of Gene ExpressionQuestion Set
69Mendel's Experiments and Law of InheritanceQuestion Set
70Genetic of InheritanceQuestion Set
71Sexual Reproduction, Meiosis and GametogenesisQuestion Set
72Punnett Square PracticeDrag and Drop
73Red Green Colour Blindness PitfallsCollage
74Mendelian InheritanceQuestion Set
75Skin tones: Non-mendelian inheritanceCollage
76Non Mendelian InheritanceQuestion Set
77Gene CloningImage Sequencing
78Healthy and Diseased Potato Plant: Results of Genetic EngineeringCollage
79Genetic EngineeringQuestion Set
80Chapter 5 ReviewQuestion Set
81Genetic Variation in HumansQuestion Set
82Gentic Variation CollageCollage
83Classifying Human VariationQuestion Set
84Malaria and Hemoglobin S distributionCollage
85Cruciferous VegetablesCollage
86UV Radiation AcclimatizationCollage
87Human Responses to Environmental StressQuestion Set
88Global Distribution or Blood GroupsImage Slider
89Human Responses to High AltitudeQuestion Set
90High Fat Diet of Inuit People of CanadaCollage
91Maasai MenCollage
92Inuit PeopleCollage
93Nutritional AdaptationQuestion Set
94Chapter 6 ReviewQuestion Set
95Amazing MachinesCollage
96Body SystemsCollage
97Level of organization in the human bodyDrag Text
986.2 review questionsQuestion Set
99The right materials for the jobCollage
100Epithelial Cell ShapesFlashcards
101Epithelial Cell LayeringFlashcards
102Fluid Connective Tissue - Blood - Image HotspotImage Hotspots
103Tissues - Memory GameMemory Game
104Epithelial TissueDrag Text
105Connective TissueFill in the Blanks
106Guess the TissueGuess the Answer
107NeuronDrag and Drop
108Body CavitiesQuestion Set
109Baseball CollageCollage
1107.7 Review Questions Interaction of Organ SystemsQuestion Set
1117.8 Interactions of Organ SystemsQuestion Set
1127.8 Homeostasis and FeedbackFlashcards
113Connective tissueMark the Words
114Body SystemsFlashcards
115Body CavitiesDrag and Drop
1168.2 Review Questions Introduction to the Nervous SystemQuestion Set
117Nervous System Drag and DropDrag and Drop
118Neuron Structure and FunctionImage Hotspots
1198.3 Review Questions Neurons and NeurogliaDrag Text
120Three Stages of Action PotentialAccordion
1218.4 Nerve ImpulsesQuestion Set
122Action Potential Drag and DropDrag and Drop
123Label the brainDrag and Drop
1258.6 Peripheral Nervous SystemQuestion Set
126RBG to Create Colour - Cone CellsCollage
1278.7 Sensory ReceptorsFlashcards
1288.7 Eye DiagramDrag and Drop
129Legal Drugs for sale in CanadaCollage
130Chapter 8 Review QuestionsQuestion Set
1319.2 Review QuestionsQuestion Set
1329.2 Review Drag and DropDrag Text
1339.3 Definition FlashcardsFlashcards
1349.3 QuizQuestion Set
1359.4 VocabFlashcards
1369.4 Review QuestionsQuestion Set
1379.5 QuizQuestion Set
1389.6 QuizQuestion Set
1399.7 Drag and DropDrag Text
1409.7 QuizQuestion Set
141Chapter 9 Review QuizQuestion Set
142Chapter 9 VocabFlashcards
14310.1 Henna CollageCollage
14410.1 QuizQuestion Set
14510.3 Label the layers of the EpidermisDrag and Drop
14610.3 QuizQuestion Set
14710.5 Hair Colour CollageCollage
14810.5 Hair BiasCollage
14910.5 Label the hair shaftDrag and Drop
15010.5 QuizQuestion Set
15110.6 QuizQuestion Set
15210.7 QuizQuestion Set
153Chapter 10 Review QuizQuestion Set
15411.2 Axial and Appendicular SkeletonDrag and Drop
15511.2 QuizQuestion Set
15611.3 Drag and Drop Bone sortDrag and Drop
15711.3 QuizQuestion Set
15811.4 QuizQuestion Set
15911.6 QuizQuestion Set
16011.5 QuizQuestion Set
16111.7 Osteoarthritis Drag the WordsDrag Text
162Chapter 11 Review QuizQuestion Set
16312.2 QuizQuestion Set
16412.3 Muscular Tissue FlashcardsFlashcards
16512.3 QuizQuestion Set
16612.4 QuizQuestion Set
16712.5 QuizQuestion Set
16812.6 QuizQuestion Set
169Chapter 12 Review QuizQuestion Set
17013.2 QuizQuestion Set
17113.3 QuizQuestion Set
17213.4 QuizQuestion Set
17313.5 FlashcardsFlashcards
174Chapter 13 ReviewQuestion Set
17514.2 QuizQuestion Set
17614.3 QuizQuestion Set
17714.4 Blood Vessels FlashcardsFlashcards
17814.5 QuizQuestion Set
17914.6 QuizQuestion Set
180Chapter 14 ReviewQuestion Set
18115.1 Foods with GlutenCollage
18215.2 Functions of the Digestive SystemFlashcards
18315.2 QuizQuestion Set
18415.3 QuizQuestion Set
18515.4 QuizQuestion Set
18615.5 QuizQuestion Set
18715.6 QuizQuestion Set
18815.7 Name the Disorder of the Digestive SystemFlashcards
18915.7 QuizQuestion Set
190Chapter 15 ReviewQuestion Set
19116.2 Excretory Organs CollageCollage
19216.2 QuizQuestion Set
19316.3 Strange Uses of UrineCollage
19416.3 QuizQuestion Set
19516.4 QuizQuestion Set
19616.5 QuizQuestion Set
19716.6 Disorders of the Urinary SystemFlashcards
198Chapter 16 ReviewQuestion Set
19917.2 QuizQuestion Set
20017.3 QuizQuestion Set
20117.4 QuizQuestion Set
20217.5 QuizQuestion Set
20317.6 Common AllergensCollage
20417.6 QuizQuestion Set
205Chapter 17 ReviewQuestion Set
20618.2 QuizQuestion Set
20718.3 QuizQuestion Set
20818.3 Glands of the Male Reproductive SystemImage Hotspots
20918.4 QuizQuestion Set
21018.5 QuizQuestion Set
21118.6 QuizQuestion Set
21218.7 QuizQuestion Set
21318.8 QuizQuestion Set
21418.9 QuizQuestion Set
21518.9 All Kinds of FamiliesCollage
21618.10 QuizQuestion Set
21718.11 QuizQuestion Set
218Chapter 18 ReviewQuestion Set
219Chapter 18 Review Part 2Question Set
2204.13 Review QuestionsQuestion Set
2217.5 ReviewQuestion Set
222Chapter 7 Review Drag and DropDrag Text
2238.3 Review Drag and DropDrag Text
2248.3 Label the NeuronDrag and Drop
225Definitions of Traditional Ecological Knowledge.Agamotto